On The Dot The Perfect Spot – Stylish Feminine Storage


I don`t know about you ladies, but I used to keep all of my feminine  products in their own packaging until now, when I found this adorable stylish feminine storage. It is called On The Dot The Perfect Spot and it is so convenient for storing your monthly essentials.


The box itself is made of sturdy, recycled chipboard. It will not bend, crease or tear without having a strong force applied to it.  On the Dot is 10″ tall (without the handle), 6.5″ wide and 4.25″ deep.


To protect the box from dirt and moisture there is a decorative plastic base that keeps On the Dot off the floor and other surfaces.


The large butterfly handle allows you to open and close the box easily.


Inside, the box is separated into two compartments. The upper drawer gives you easy access to the things you need right away.


The spacious lower compartment is big enough to stash plenty of backup supplies. There is enough room to hold a box of tampons, a bag of pads, or even a roll of toilet paper and wet wipes.


On the dot is available in 3 different designs: Monarch, Dreamy Duskywing and California Sister. I chose Dreamy Duskywing because it is very elegant and chic.

I love my On The Dot box. It`s such a great idea and an easy way to grab feminine items when you need them, plus it looks great in any bathroom.

Price: $24.99 and free shipping. 10% of all profits are donated to women`s organizations worldwide.

Availability: On The Dot 

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