Hamilton Dog Collar Review

My Chihuahua Barbie is very smart and intelligent dog that does not bark or pull and walks politely on-leash. I decided to put away her regular harness and try to walk her on a flat collar which she does not mind at all.


My long hair chihuahua wearing Hamilton Dog Collar


My long hair chihuahua wearing Hamilton Dog Collar


My long hair chihuahua wearing Hamilton Dog Collar

Hamilton Dog Collars are made from the highest quality durable nylon webbing and come in a nice variety of vibrant colors that are fade resistant. The collar is very strong and sturdy, the plastic closing clip is high quality and not easy to open, and the metal ring for tags and to attach the leash is solid and strong. The end of the collar has to go through the ring to be able to lock it and even though it gets a little thick, it doesn`t seem to bother my small dog.


Hamilton Dog Collar Review


Hamilton Dog Collar Review


Hamilton Dog Collar Review


Hamilton Dog Collar Review


Hamilton Dog Collar Review

Overall I am very satisfied with Hamilton Dog Collar and I really like that is adjustable and would be perfect for just about any small to medium size breeds. The collar doesn`t have sharp edges and doesn`t mat my dog’s coat, which also makes it perfect for long haired dogs. Hamilton Dog Collar is very well made, durable and comfortable collar that will last.

Availability: Major pet stores, tack shops, catalogs and online.


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