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Try The World Box

Try The World Box

Try The World Japan Culture Guide

Try The World Japan Culture Guide

Try The World Japan Information Card

Try The World Japan Information Card

Try The World Japan Information Card

Try The World Japan Information Card

AOI TEA, Blueberry Matcha Tea

AOI TEA, Blueberry Matcha Tea – Known as the finest green tea in the world, matcha tea is also an energy and concentration booster. AOI Tea makes this matcha by cultivating their plants in the shade, harvesting the leaves by hand, and grinding them to a fine powder. To use, whisk the powder into hot water.

OTAFUKU FOODS, Okonomiyaki Kit

OTAFUKU FOODS, Okonomiyaki Kit – A popular dish throughout Japan, okonomiyaki is an omelette-like pancake made with a variety of savory toppings. This kit and the recipe enclosed in your booklet provide the basic ingredients needed to make your own.

MORINAGA, Milk Caramels

MORINAGA, Milk Caramels – The recipe for these traditional Japanese caramels dates back to 1899, when Morinaga was founded. They have been featured in several classic Japanese movies, and still today, these butterscotch-like sweets are a nostalgic reminder of childhood for those born in the 1940s and 50s.

TAKAOKAYA, Seaweed Snack

TAKAOKAYA, Seaweed Snack – To make this premium seaweed snack (and natural health food), Takaokaya harvests wild seaweed from the ocean, then dries it by following an ancient process similar to papermaking. Enjoy it straight from the bag, or crumbled over rice dishes.

ISHIGURO, Yamaimo Soba Noodles

ISHIGURO, Yamaimo Soba Noodles – made with yam extract and buckwheat, and are flexible, soft, and nutty. These traditional noodles from the Hokkaido island in northern Japan are typically served in hot broth or as a cold salad dressed with ponzu sauce.

KASUGAI, Gummy Candies

KASUGAI, Gummy Candies – In 1923, Kasugai began selling nuts and dried fruits in a small shop in central Japan. Soon after, they developed their popular gummy candies, which continue today to be made with flavorful fruit juice.

WADAKAN, Umami Ponzu Sauce

WADAKAN, Umami Ponzu Sauce – This sweet, salty, and tangy sauce made with citrus and soy sauce is traditionally served as a dressing over grilled meat and fish or as a dip for sashimi (raw fish). To use it as a salad dressing, whisk it into oil to thicken, then toss with cold noodles.

Try The World Box Japan Content

Try The World Japan Box Content

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